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The company is mainly engaged in making clothing and materials with a sample of the client. Our partners are: “IPL Bulgaria” OOD, “Godske Group” GmbH,“Schussler + Zachmann” GmbH,” Richfield Fashion “, “Stesa” OOD, “Modis Intertex” EOOD, “NVG - Stefka Venkova” and others. We also work with our materials and client model.
“Robsov Ltd. has two production bases in the territory of Svishtov. In both bases the manufacturing process is done completely independently of each other.
To think out of the products take care of two cutting rooms equipped with modern cutting equipment. The basic manufacturing process is carried out of 4 teams, each located in a separate room of our two bases. For mezhduoperatsionnoto and final pressing of output are provided 6 individual rooms with ironing pressing a total of 15. Also have 4 rooms and hand finishing operations in the manufacture of the device. Finished goods warehouse in 2 we have fitted properly. In our two factories have one office.

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